Found an interesting blog post by a Kundalini Yoga practitioner.

3HO – Cult or Spiritual Environment?

I’m frankly a bit relieved by the writer’s awareness of this issue, because it’s rare that someone deeply engaged in the 3HO or Kundalini Yoga community would ever even use the word “cult” in reference to one’s self. If you were born and raised in 3HO, I think it would be good to comment on his post because the more information that people have about 3HO’s past practices, the better it is for newer members. The side of the story of the 2nd generation adults who have since left to live their lives in broader society is not heard by incoming yoga practitioners/students, I guarantee. Not that it’s a cause of mine, but I do feel that total silence is not the way.

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  1. Hi, I having been practicing Kundalini yoga for the past 2 years and am thinking about taking the Level 1 Immersion course in Espanola, NM. I live in colorado and have a family. Can you please give me some insight on how the 3HO community is being run know and if you would recommend doing the course? Thank you for your time.

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