An update…

Okay, so I decided to go ahead talk to both Olive Branch and to SatNam at the office of legal counsel after all.

Why though, after such a vehement position?

I had to give a lot of thought to this. It’s not healing to revisit our abuses, and it’s important to do so in a safe space. In this way, any decision to talk had better come with a compelling reason to do so, knowing full well that it’s a fallacy to expect an institution to fix itself with its own policy construct, even when that might be informed by important critical input.

It’s like expecting malignant cancer cells to reverse their own metastatic process all by themselves.

And this is what we are doing. Which means once again it’s on us to speak up, but its also on us to hold no expectation for results. There’s no compelling reason to contribute when there’s nothing a posteriori that would compel them – this time – to meet the bare minimum of what is right.

Still. Why then?

All I can say is that maybe there is an emotional need to speak and be heard, even though it may not be realistic, or amount to anything.

I keep saying “no more time given”. And yet, I keep going back to that well, hoping there might be a drop of water in it. And that well has been dry for a really long time. And the drought seems likely to continue.