A Haunted Place

According to not one, but several of the individuals running for SSSC board seats, one out of “the three greatest challenges facing the SSSC Board, our umbrella organizations, and our spiritual community at this time” is ensuring a successful future for Miri Piri Academy

There, in black and white. According to the SSSC website candidate’s statements.

Predictably absent is a vocal commitment to children’s safety or security, a commitment to ending institutional abuse, a commitment to the successful futures for children of 3HO or for alumni of that same school. Only to the school itself.

How is it that an otherwise costly, unattractive and wholly unspectacular facility would be included in what can only be described as a purity test for the most tendentious wing of 3HO’s leadership cohort?

Because, in my opinion it’s the school which MEANS EVERYTHING.

The facility, the place, the boarding school itself symbolizes and represents the living embodiment of who they are: a fifty year legacy of premeditated and systemic terror against their innocents.

By default, children in cults are simply the lowest priority. 3ho isn’t some little cult that just blindly follows this rubric. They’re the template, the epitome for it. They are the established precedent for systemic and abject child abuse, neglect and isolation. They wrote the book on it (literally). And there is no antecedent that meets its level of intensity and fervor, especially when you consider the enthusiasm of the parents.

Survivors of the 3HO India Boarding School programs and camps must take these members at their word. These are individuals who wish to run all of it: 3ho, Sikh Dharma International, Yogi Tea, Kundalini Yoga, all of it.

3ho never, ever, ever intended to place our needs anywhere in remote proximity to their own self-serving, masturbatory ideology. There was and still is absolutely NO commitment to children’s wellbeing, bodily autonomy or freedom. Do not mislead yourself into believing that any of this is somehow ‘misguided yet good intentions’. The intention is, and always has been to preserve the ideology through the cultic, institutional framework of familial disunion and unmet primary needs of children. And this is purely in order to groom and retain future co-dependent cult adherents.

Look at what’s going on. 3ho isn’t even waiting. They have already returned to spending money on ads promoting Miri Piri Academy. This is cynical, cultic hubris in action.

Instagram advertisement placed by Miri Piri Academy announcing open admissions “for grades 6 – 9” (that would be children between the ages of 11 and 14) . The ad also lists the 3HO branded style of Kundalini Yoga as part of the curriculum.

Like past iterations GNFC School, GRD Academy, Amritsar Academy and 4S, the current iteration of boarding school, Miri Piri Academy is and will always be an unsafe, abusive, fanatic cultic facility, only this time with a slightly updated veneer of social media. It is not fit to be called a school. The land MPA sits on is salted forever, desecrated by the sadistic ghouls who feed off Yogi Bhajan’s rotting corpse.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that this cruddy boarding school is the hill these ghouls will choose to die on.

So to close that school would mean a miserable kind of defeat, really. Defeat on their own chosen ideological battleground, one in which they’ve dedicated wasted their entire lives, livelihoods and lifestyles.

It’s everything to them.