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The practice of separating children from parents and sending them away to boarding school in India has spanned decades, since the early 1980’s. There are multiple age groups within the entire cohort. Below are some materials which may be useful in familiarizing oneself with the way this institution ginned-up, established and normalize these harmful practices.

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What is an “SGA”?

An SGA is a Second Generation Adult raised in a group that requires a high demand of commitment to a particular cause, belief system or ideology. In this case the group is 3HO Sikh Dharma Kundalini Yoga.

Who counts as a 3HO SGA?

Any person who was raised in 3HO for any period during childhood is an SGA. Backgrounds among SGA’s can be diverse (one does not have to be an “indiakid” to feel the impact of being raised in this group). The thing SGA’s have in common is that they did not choose it for themselves during childhood. Because of the commitment required by 3HO to the faith, being brought up within it creates a unique set of challenges for navigating an independent life. 

Those unique circumstances can include becoming distant or even cut-off from family and community. Sometimes 3HO family members and peers may want to help or provide companionship, yet are unable or incapable of providing critical support. Sometimes our family of origin wants to show love, but the capacity for it is limited to their cult-informed identity, and therefore falls short.