Boarding Schools in India. Desolate Youth Camps. Child Swapping. Family Separations. Arranged Marriages.

Abandonment. Neglect. Punishment. Assault. Narcissistic Abuse. Manipulation. Disparagement. Gossip. Coercion. Extremely Low Wages. Excommunication. DARVO. Harassment. Stalking. Threats.

This is what the children born and raised in 3HO Kundalini Yoga regularly experienced.

In this supposedly enlightened intentional community – built up around the charismatic cult-of-personality Yogi Bhajan (Harbhajan Singh Puri) – we, their babies were forced to endure these abject conditions.

As children we couldn’t leave. We had nowhere to go. No safe haven.

They knew this.

Yet for over 50 years… 3HO has really only cared about their own image.

It’s because of this that our precious lives were disrespected, dismissed, diminished and discarded. And our stories have been sanitized, misappropriated, misinterpreted and manipulated.

For over 50 years.

I am a 2nd gen survivor of this cult.

Since 2008 I have been blogging about what they did and how their actions affected us and caused lasting Trauma.

I came here to write this blog because I believe that WE MATTER. I believe that we have a right to a truly free and good life.

It’s critical that people take what happened to us seriously. It’s critical that as survivors, we take our own recovery seriously.

Speak up, Speak out and Demand Change.

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