I want to ask you a question.

What’s more important?

These sweet children want to know. What’s more important?

Is it their safety, privacy and security?


Is it the public image of your church?

Hint: You can’t have both

Another hint: There’s only one answer.

It’s pretty easy.

… But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be surprised at how many churches get this dead-wrong.

And we shouldn’t be surprised that 3HO Sikh Dharma Kundalini Yoga is no different

I’m here as a survivor of this cult. Since 2008 I have been blogging about what they did to us.

And still. Over a decade later nothing has changed.

The SGA (second generation adult) diaspora are not gonna keep waiting around for 3HO to take some responsibility. We are not gonna wait around for 3HO to take appropriate steps to make sure all kids are safe and protected.

We will just leave.

We will do what we need to do to rebuild, protect ourselves, and protect our own children.

But let’s be realistic. We need some support now and then.

We may look strong. But we don’t always feel strong, do we? And we may feel like we’ve been surviving all on our own for way too long. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I believe that WE MATTER. I believe that we have a right to a truly free and good life.


But it’s critical that we take what happened to us seriously and that we take our recovery seriously. Don’t wait another day.