What’s an SGA?

An SGA is a Second Generation Adult raised in a group that requires a high demand of commitment to a particular cause or belief system. In this case the group is 3HO Sikh Dharma, an American Sikh Convert organization.

Who counts as a 3HO SGA?

Any person who was raised in 3HO for any period during childhood is an SGA. Backgrounds among SGA’s can be diverse. The thing SGA’s have in common is that they did not choose it for themselves during childhood. Because of the commitment required by 3HO to the faith, being brought up within it creates a unique set of challenges for navigating and independent adulthood later on. 

Sometimes SGA’s who make the choice to leave 3HO become distant or even cut-off from family and community. Sometimes 3HO family members provide resources or peers provide companionship, yet neither are able to provide critical support. Maybe an SGA just wants to know ‘who else’ is going through something similar.

So, how do 3HO SGA’s find support? Who can SGA’s go to for help? 

First Things First

If you are having an emotional or psychological crisis, you need to find help right away.
The National Alliance on Mental Health hotline is open M – F 10am-6pm ET. Or you can use the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741.


Find out about ways that other 3HO SGA’s have expressed themselves:

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Get Involved

You matter. Your experiences matter. Your voice counts. No matter what stage of recovery you are in, your input is welcome. Use the secure form below to send in your thoughts. Everything is confidential unless you say otherwise.