Thank you for showing up

This is my last post for rishiknots.

The time has come to put this project to rest. I’ve been sort of just spinning my wheels lately. I’ll take that as a sign that it’s time to move on.

3HO won’t change. 3H0 can’t change. I’m hoping that after all’s said and done with the IHRP (reparations program) that it’ll make them think twice about shipping their kids off to boarding school in India.

Something tells me they are already sniffing around for gullible recruits that won’t be interested in looking at anything other than the shiny object being dangled in front of their noses.

Miri Piri Academy needs to be shut down. It still hasn’t been shut down. So should more generations continue to suffer the same way we, the first kids born into this, did… well, I’m just gonna say: Parents who have all the information available and choose to ignore it… they deserve whatever misery that comes their way.

To all of 3HO, and to all the 1st gens and the boomers that put us through that, and who are still actin’ like a bunch of rattlebrained ninnies… like I said to Stacie three years ago (and told her she could print it) …

Lick Balls.