Dr. Alexandra Stein’s Report

In the fall of 2022 a 3HO SGA took it upon themselves to commission a small study on the impacts of 3HO childhoods, through the lens of attachment theory and trauma. It’s another vital piece of material that can be helpful in a myriad of ways. Consider downloading the pdf and sharing it among the following arenas:

  • Media and/or media inquiries
  • Cult specialists especially vis-a-vis those who focus on people born and raised
  • Cult survivors, or survivors of institutional or religious abuse
  • Therapists, your own or those you know who take an interest in the subject
  • Peer support and education

    Click Here for the Report on Themes and Impacts of 3HO Childhoods , initially prepared for the Independent Healing & Reparations Program by Alexandra Stein, Ph.D. (October 2022)