I found this quote on Rick Ross’ website and it struck a chord:

“I was researching 3HO for a friend who was asking me about it, and I found this site. I found it interesting, and I’m glad you have it. The group needs to be exposed for what it really is, and not many people have even heard of it. I was born in 3HO, and I spent quite a few years in the ashram in New Mexico. I didn’t know I was in a cult. For me it was all so normal. I thought I was a real, genuine Sikh. I loved the Gurus, and I wanted to be holy, even when I was very young. My older brother is the one who had the most difficult time. He went to school in India when he was eight years old. He did not really understand what was happening, and he thought our parents were dead, and that he was an orphan. My parents did not realize how harshly the children were being treated there. He slept in a crowded room with bunk beds and cement floors. He told us there was no bathroom in the dormitory, and the doors were locked at night with a chain. He was beaten quite often, although he was quite a good kid. It occurred to my brother and I later what a strange trick our early years had been. We were born into a world that is not really the ‘real world,’ and we didn’t know it. We were extremely devoted Sikhs, and we learned later that we hadn’t even been real Sikhs. When my family left the group, no one knew we were leaving, and we never looked back. We changed our names and started a new life. The people I knew when I was a kid I have never seen since. My brother and I have been really lucky. We’ve both traveled the world doing humanitarian work, and we’ve had quite adventurous lives so far. We decided not to become bitter about the past, and we’re both quite happy people.”

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  1. I will be pleased if this post is allowed to stand and if not that's ok. I'm only trying to get help on a matter indirectly related to the legacy of Bhajan. There is someone in my life that has fallen under the influence of one of his self-proclaimed students – a man named Joseph Michael Levry. This 'someone' is very dear to me and i'v concluded that i must take some kind of action to intervene as best as i can. I would appreciate if somehow i could begin a correspondence with some of the 'india children' so that i could gain a better and more detailed understanding of life in ashram in New Mexico and elsewhere. I'm looking for documentation / evidence of how the wisdom of Bhajan was not so beneficial to all that followed him. I don't know how else to ask for this in this site – so if someone can post guidance for me i would appreciate it.

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