Miri Piri Academy… Meet your new boss. Same as the old boss.

There are a lot of reasons why I believe things have not changed for the 3HO children at boarding school at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India. There’s one reason why I believe it’s worse: Mandatory Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in order to graduate. I’ll talk more on that later.

Those 3HO kids over there, all on their own at boarding school in India… it’s simply not a safe environment. That is a given. The kids who don’t thrive right outta the gate, they really don’t thrive. The kids who do thrive, they are navigating a shitty situation the best they can. In these kinds of places the overachievers are rewarded with cues to continue ‘performing’ for the school (camp, church… what have you), and the underachievers are negatively reinforced, often with things like shame, exclusion from regular participation and harsh punishments. Either way, ask yourself: Is this, even at base-level, a healthy environment?

And that’s looking at it as if NOTHING else is going on. Which we know is bullshit. We’ve had too much post-India hardship. I’m heartbroken every time I learn about someone having a rough time with adjusting to life after going through all what we went through.

Let me just say that it’s super common to not even know where to begin. And it’s also super common to tell yourself you know exactly what to do–you keep performing, of course! At work, at school, in relationships… you aim to please. And it’s super common to suppress or internalize your pain, your confusion and your frustration, simply in order to navigate the world. It’s also really common to go back in to the community, even. It’s understandable…. because there’s deep discomfort and insecurity as a result of being separated from family and loved ones the way we have. And being out on your own… that’s a lonely experience sometimes. It’s only natural that one would do what it takes to make that uneasy feeling go away, even temporarily.

The above situations I outlined are illustrative of the fundamental and problematic dynamics of being raised in a cult. The hard truth is, our very sense-of-self(s) were not intended to belong to us. There was a man who felt he had the right to own our minds, own our bodies and own our spirits.

Nobody has the right to control your autonomy. Nobody. Remember that.

Those of who survived GNFC, GRD or Amritsar Academy… we want to support. But, we also don’t know how to help because a chasm has been carved away between us, and our voices have been suppressed by 3HO and the Miri Piri Academy administrators, teachers and alumni association.

I’m putting out a beacon to let you know that we feel in our hearts that all is not well over there for the MPA kids. But in order to support, we need the stories. And we won’t have the stories until you, the MPA kids tell us your stories.

Tell us your story. We’re here to help.

PS: If you do want to tell your story, or if you just want to talk, we do have some works in progress… and there’ll more on that later. Until then… if you’re an MPA kid or MPA alumn, and if you have the opportunity for a safe space to talk about what you’ve experienced… would you take it? What does a safe space feel like for you?