And so, here ends a senseless chapter

Nanak Dev Singh, the notorious tormentor of the 3HO children at G.N.F.C. boarding school, has died. Cause of death was apparently a massive heart attack.

My initial reaction to news of his death was “I hope it was neither quick, nor painless“.

But vindication does not come in the act of dying. Nevertheless, there are times when you wish there really is a Hell.


Realistically though, wishing there was a special place in Hell for child abusers and sociopaths doesn’t do anything but give comfort to us, the walking wounded.

But what brings greater satisfaction is knowing that it’s too late for redemption. Because redemption is something one must seek in life. If Nanak Dev Singh had made some efforts to reconcile and make things right with those he hurt – ALL of them – he could have had a chance at forgiveness. Instead, he ran away and hid. Furthermore, he re-framed his narrative. He glorified himself. And in doing so he (and his sympathizers too) denied the experiences of all the children he so profoundly affected. The kids that he abused, traumatized, harassed and yes, tortured, were ignored.

Meanwhile, there was a human heart that was, quite literally, hardening.

Don’t let YOUR heart harden. Strive for a better life – a life filled with joys big and small, of compassion, of open-mindedness, and even of redemption.

Take solace in knowing that we can be different from them.

Either way, that’s one less asshole on the planet.