Upcoming ICSA Events to take advantage of

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are curious about 3HO and Yogi Bhajan.  Also, chances are you were born and raised in this group. And if you were born and raised in this group, there’s a 90% chance you were sent away to boarding school in India. And a 100% chance you have a lot of horror stories.

If so, the International Cultic Studies Association may be a valuable resource.

This July there is a workshop for former members of cults. It’s in Colorado Springs, and goes from Friday July 26th–July 28th.  Go here for more information: http://events.icsa.name/overview-co

Then in November, right there in the belly of the beast, Santa Fe New Mexico, is a ‘mini’ ICSA Conference being held. Go here for more information: http://events.icsa.name/overview-santa-fe

Either way, you should read THIS PAPER just to get started on the process.