Video and the Cult Leader

There are thousands of hours of videotape of Yogi Bhajan’s lectures. Every single lecture I ever had to sit in, there was a video camera on record. When I saw the PBS documentary called Jonestown, the reels and reels of raw footage of Jim Jones reminded me of Yogi Bhajan’s own narcissism, and I hoped that one day someone will think about revisiting these lectures as a way to understand Yogiji’s true motives – to garner disciples, control them, and live in luxury off of their hard earned money.

Today, some of his videos are starting to emerge on Youtube. This one, called Humbleness and Jewelry, exemplifies his rambling, nonsensical, yet authoritarian and often angry diatribes:

(I can’t help but mention that the title should be humility and jewelry, as humbleness is not a word).

Here are some more videos relating to 3HO:
For the new recruit, there are lessons on turban tying.

If you’re still out there trying to find that special someone, there’s plenty of online “matrimonials” sites to sift through (No Dating!).

And once you’ve snuggled in for the long haul, you’ve got six videos worth of relationship advice right here.

Here’s a funny, satirical video called Mind Control Cults:

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  1. A couple months back I went to New Mexico with my girl. I had slowly eased her into experiencing my cult background and I felt she was ready for a full "sikh" wedding. She pointed out the over use and misuse of the word gracefull especially when it came to the children. I remember my parents telling my sister to be gracefull all the time. The Humbleness comment made me think of this.

  2. he hits every propaganda technique there is… most obvious to me in this video is confusion – when i was 12, i thought this was on my end, and maybe the adults did too, thinking they just weren't enlightened enough to make the connections – or maybe, well trained, we automatically fill in the blanks…
    the satirical video really hits everything doesn't it? i'm debating posting it to facebook – i'm in that in-between stage… knowing what 3HO really is but having no idea how to start the conversation with others affected… watching my friends still floundering in confusion, some timidly stepping away, though they're not quite sure why – in posting the video, i'm not sure what's scarier, that they won't get the connection, or that they're not ready, and they'll be gone, offended – perhaps the passive approach is not the best… have you written or found any useful tips on how to go about starting this conversation?

  3. Lindsay,
    I agree with you – the video is a good "overall"… In regards to your thoughts about posting on FB, the big "C" word is often difficult for those to digest and process. Often people hear cult and react to what perhaps may be their own definitions of it, not realizing that cults have a clear cut definition in the world of sociology and psychology. So it can turn people away from the message.

    When I have had the conversation, I have started with a euphemism, like "group" or "religion" – it softens the approach. Sometimes "cult-like", or "culty" works for some reason. It's okay if you are not on the same page as others – the dialogue can still happen, right?

  4. True, thank you. I've postponed it long enough, I might as well find the right words to break the silence with… and they should probably be my own, rather than a video… I'll save that gem for later…

    I'm of a later generation of India kids, having attended MPA for my high school years in the early 2000s.

    I started writing a more thorough introduction and personal recount, but there are too many directions I could go… now I see why a series of blog posts is your chosen format. 😉

  5. Thanks – yes it helps. And it has been helpful for me to stick with a pen name. If you are just now going out on your own from having gone to MPA, etc. I do suggest talking to someone, like a therapist. It helped for me, and it helped to read literature – helped take me out of my own "spiral" and confusion, and learn that it happens a lot and it happens to many many people. feel free to email me personally if you want to share anything.

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