Yogi Bhajan on Wiki

Yogi Bhajan’s page on Wikipedia has some GEMS. For example, he was “the son of a graceful mother”. Who knew?

An excerpt on his attitude toward homosexuality reads:

“…Yogi Bhajan at first was shocked by the phenomenon. Through the 1970s and early 1980s, Yogi Bhajan taught that the condition could be cured through intensive yoga and self-analysis. By the late 1980s, however, Yogi Bhajan resigned himself to the conclusion that “sometimes God goofs” and puts men into women’s bodies and vice versa.”
–Yogi Bhajan, Comparative, Comprehensive Communication, Eugene, OR, 3HO Transcripts, 1980, pp. 102-3, 221

So, according to him a gay person is one of nature’s mistakes? If the 3HO today, or anybody following his teachings whatsoever make any claims to being tolerant, then they had better denounce this statement openly and publicly. Go ahead, use my comments section to do it.

Next, here’s my reasoning for why I consider 3HO to have characteristics of “doomsday” cults:

^ quote: “So normally on this Earth, 90% of people will be crazy. I am not making a prediction. It is a truth that will be seen by any of you living to that age. Everybody will be funny, you know. You will never be in a position to determine why somebody is angry, why somebody doesn’t want to see you, why somebody doesn’t want to love you, why somebody has come and given you two or three slaps and kicked you out of the house… nothing you will be in a position to imagine. Unpredictable actions of the human being will be the common trend in social living. This will be the new human race.”
–Yogi Bhajan lecture April 12, 1973, published as “The Blue Gap” in Beads of Truth, Issue 22, March 1974, p. 25

You know, I don’t even have to give a footnote on why that statement is so absurd! But really, I have memories of Yogi Bhajan preparing us for the “apocolyptical” aquarian age, including rifle and handgun target practice, “survival” camps, KWTC (Khalsa Women’s Training Camp), having ashrams arm themselves, and finally, military school for some of the 2nd generation. Around the time when I was in the military school, all he lectured about was the “Aquarian Age” and how we’d better prepare for it. To prepare for it usually required ridiculous dieting and long meditation sessions that involved pointing fingers in some direction “to align” our auras. Of course, if you did prepare yourself (the way he instructs) for the upcoming change in ages, you would be one of the rare people to have the pleasure of living in a blissful utopia.

Why would a “spiritual teacher” make predictions of a doomsday nature? Well, first it’s because he’s not really a spiritual teacher, he was the leader of a de-facto cult, and it’s in order to keep disciples feeling dependent on them for their very survival. As long as they are in a state of dependency, members don’t question his decisions, they assume they are for the benefit of themselves, and the group as a unit.

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