Dirty Socks

What kind of sadistic (and moronic) fuck would punish kids by making them stuff filthy socks in their mouths and then TAKE A PICTURE OF IT?

Nanak Dev Singh, that’s who!

After seeing this photo I am of course reminded of my own filthy condition as a kid at GNFC, and how humiliating it often was. We were not given laundry service regularly – sometime it would be months before the Dhobi Wala showed up. And when Dhobi did happen, our clothes were often lost or destroyed. Most of the time we had to wash our own clothes by hand with cold water. We usually sent off our uniforms, but our socks, underwear, and private clothes were too important to risk getting lost. For that, we were expected to purchase our own detergent, buckets, scrub brushes, etc. and do our wash on our own personal time. This was as young as eight and nine years old!

Hey, we may have had grime build-up, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s not a crime. Abusing and neglecting children is.

P.S. Thank you to the person who posted this snapshot, and I apologize if it has been used outside of its intended context. I do not post it out of inconsideration for the individuals who actually suffered this treatment. I post it as a resource. We all went through this kind of thing, and to be honest, I am glad there photographic evidence of it still exists.

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  1. This kind of punishment is common in all Indian schools. Regular government schools in India abuse kids just the same and humiliation is quite common as well. At my all-girls convent school in Chandigarh, our teachers used to force us to stand in the blazing sun until some of the girls started to faint due to the excrutiating heat and no water. Ruler beatings were also a common occurence. Also the "chicken-stance" in front of the class etc.

    The abusers were likely abused the same way as children and thus didn't know how to discipline young children other than the way he had experienced it! It is bad what you went through…but all of India and many other countries around the world face the same fate. Its not something unique to the 3HO movement…sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. You haven't "burst" any bubble at all. Just because it's the status quo does not make it right. Having been a recipient of this type of abuse, talking about it in the open is the right thing to do.

  3. Dear Kelly,You are so brave to speak out in a forum such as this,and you are doing a great service to mankind.Protecting children is the highest service.When I look at the group pictures of these tiny little children,it is almost impossible to imagine their parents being able to put them on an airplane and wave goodbye.It is absolutely heart breaking .You are strong and intelligent and will do many great things in this world.

  4. Dear Kelly,when you described the lice situation and your snarled hair,my first thought was,shave the head! Of course the strict religious standards do no allow this.Ridiculous.

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